Don't Buy; Give, this Black Friday

 | 25 Nov 2021

Results are in....

We are donating $650 to the Youth of the Streets program. 

Thanks to everyone who placed an order over the last few days. 

From Mark & the Honu team.

Keep reading to learn more... 


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are amongst the world's largest polluting events. Fueling hyper-discount culture that leads to the overproduction and overconsumption of goods. So instead of going on sale this Black Friday, we're funding local youth housing programs.

This will be the first of our annual BFCM 'Buy to Give' promotion where we will be donating $50 for every sale we make between Friday the 26th to Mon 28th, irrespective of the purchase value. Buy a $40 leash, and we will donate $50.

For 2021 we are supporting Father Chirs Riley's Youth Off the Streets program.

Youth Off The Streets provides a range of wraparound supports for young people. These include crisis accommodation and housing services, independent high schools, alcohol and other drugs counselling, youth justice support, life skills and employment programs, cultural support and community engagement, among other services.

The program is about as grass roots as it can get when kids are involved and has done amazing things in Australia. If you are keen to learn more check out. 



We will update this post on Tuesday with the results. 

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