Monthly T-shirt Give Away

 | 05 May 2020

We are always stoked when we see photos of our customers out and about on our boards, and we have seen some wonderful shots lately. 

So we got to thinking, wouldn't it be great if we could offer up something in return? And so it was decided... We are going to give away our super comfy and eco friendly T-shirts to the best Instagram/Facebook posts featuring a Honu product.


And here's the kicker. We'll send them anywhere in the world! 



A little bit about the swag

Our T-shirts are made from 60% recycled cotton & 40% recycled plastic bottles that is spun into the upcycled material. We also use non-toxic dyes and inks and package them all into compostable bags.


So what's the deal?

We want to see your special moments, whether it be enjoying quiet time on the beach after a paddle, or a full-blown action shot out on the water. Upload it to Facebook or Instagram, and tag us @honuboards and #honuboards

We'll pick the best of the best each month, then get in contact via socials.


1. Upload your photo to Facebook or Instagram
2. Tag us with @honuboards & #honuboards
3. Photos uploaded before the last day of the month (Sydney time) are in the mix!


Winners will be announced & contacted in the first week

Good luck and happy snapping!



Send me an email at 


Hope to see you on the water soon,


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