Road Tripping - Port Noarlunga South Australia

 | 18 Jan 2021

A short 30 KM drive south from Adelaide can take you to a wonderful paddle boarding spot that feels like a million miles away from the bustling city center.



Beach and Jetty

What was once a Sea Port town with a jetty reaching out to the 1.6 Km long natural reef is now a hip little tourist town with around 3,000 people.



Port Noarlunga Reef Aquatic Reserve

The off-shore Port Noarlunga Reef is now part of an aquatic reserve called the Encounter Marine Park. While very well know with divers and snorkelers for the incredible reef scenery and marine life, the whole area is a paddleboarding dream.



The Beauty of Port Noarlunga

The contrast of the deep aqua water against the sandstone cliffs make for some great Instagram opportunities for those who love the 'perfect shot.' Depending on conditions, you can get a glassy clear day where you will cruise over the reef seeing straight through to the bottom, or you might catch some clean peeling waves straight past the jetty all the way to shore.



Relaxing Journey

We love this area for its feeling of remoteness you get so close to a city. But not just remote, almost like another world with its sand-colored cliffs and quite sleepy fishing village feel. It's like stepping back in time to a place where life was slower, simpler, and less stressful.


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