10 Reasons People Love Paddle Boarding

 | 09 Nov 2020

1. Anyone can do it

Probably the most attractive part of Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding is the fact that just about anyone can do it. Whether you're fit, unfit, young or old, paddleboarding is accessible to all. Not only is SUP boarding easy to learn and enjoyable for anyone, it can be enjoyed in so many more places than the more traditional alternative... surfing. Which brings us to point #2.


kid paddle boarding


2. Water is everywhere

Whether you live in the middle of a continent or on a beachside surfing hotspot, there are plenty of opportunities for paddle boarding. Rivers, lakes and even whitewater are SUP destinations worldwide, and even in places where water temperatures are crazy cold. SUP'ing isn't all about tropical sunsets in far-flung resorts, no way. Even in areas such as Alaska and the arctic circle, you will find folks paddle boarding around ice-bergs. How cool is that? (pun intended)


water nature paddle boarding



3. It's super healthy

Think full-body workout... that you don't even realize you're doing! The number of muscle groups used for paddleboarding is extraordinary, yet it doesn't seem that way when you're out on the water, enjoying yourself. But make no mistake you will use just about every major muscle group from your feet to your ears. Balancing on the board will especially work your core and buttocks... Hello six-pack!





4. It's just plain old fun

There are many ways to enjoy your paddleboard, and all of them are fun. But when you really want to dial up the fun-factor, you can just tool around on your board. Falling off, jumping off, or better yet, pushing your mates into the water.

Best fun ever :)


group of adults having fun with paddle boarding



5. It can be relaxing

Paddleboarding wouldn't be complete without the obligatory image of you laying on your board on some emerald green water. But lying around looking Instagram beautiful aside, paddling around and enjoying the aquatic scenery is relaxing for the mind, body, and soul.


woman doing yoga in paddle board



6. The whole family can get into it

One aspect of paddleboarding that is truly wonderful is how inclusive it is. Everyone can join in. Mum, Dad, the kids, the aunty, grandma and even the pets. Everyone can have a go. The more, the merrier!



father with his three kids in a paddle board having fun



7. Unique Adventures

Probably more applicable for inflatable paddleboarding because of their versatility, but you really can unlock some amazing adventures through paddleboarding. Multi-day camping epics or all-day distance challenges are just a couple of things the spring to mind. As resident Sydney-siders, one of our favourites is to leave home with our board on our back and head off to a location via public transport. Hit the water and cover some distance making our way back to home. The adventures you can have are limited only by your imagination.



woman with her dog in a paddle board


8. Connection to the outdoors

As modern life continues to increase our stress and anxiety, getting outdoors into nature is a proven antidote. Feel better, be better, and enjoy the great outdoors.


beautiful beach view with adults going for paddle boarding



9. It's affordable

Little explanation needed here, but once you have your setup, you are set for years of fun and adventure- insert all the above 8 points. Water, fresh air, and adventure are all free, so get yourself a board and paddle and away you go.



variations of HONU paddle boards



10. There is a board made just for you

Beyond the images of board you will mostly see when starting to research; there is a huge range of options. Depending on where you paddle, how you paddle, and your level of experience, there is a perfect board for you and the activities you want to do.


two adults on the shore going paddle boarding


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