| 26 Oct 2020

Our range of boards has just been reviewed by SUP Boarder Mag in the UK. We had sent the team at SUP Boarder our full range of boards at the end of August and had been waiting, somewhat nervously, to see what they would think. 


After watching Reuben's video, I can tell you there were a few cheers & high-fives thrown around the office. We couldn't be happier with the review and feel like all the hard work and attention to details has paid dividends. 


It's a 20 minute review and quite thorough, including the 'Infamous Deflection Test' that they do. This is where they place the board on supports that are 1.5 metres apart and place a 75Kg weight on the centre and measure the amount the board deflects (bends) under the weight. We are very proud to see that our boards are among the best on the market while being lighter and thiner than most. The Sorrento is one of the stiffest boards on the market.  An Amazing Achievement! 



Some Highlights 


2:52- Byron 
"The Bryon is your perfect combination of length & width, but unlike most brands is only 4.75" thick giving you that much better paddling feeling" 


4:24- Board Weights
"The big standout in the range is actually the weights of the boards. All the boards, even the Sorrento, they are very light weight. That is due to the materials they are putting into the boards"


 5:12- Construction Quality
"Looking at the finish of the construction, looking at the rail bands, looking at how everything is stuck on, looking at the deck pads, they are really really well finished off. They are finished off to the same level as the best inflatable paddle boards on the market, which we know are a lot more money"


 5:35- Board Pressures & Stiffness
"We did put these boards through our deflection test" 
"The Byron and the Bondi both dropped 15mm"
"These boards are standing up to the same stiffness to boards that are 6" thick" 
"The Sorrento only dropped 10mm. That is one of the stiffest boards on the market"


18:45- Reduction in unnecessary plastic
"They are doing a lot to reduce plastic in their products and also the packaging, really got to give the thumbs up, nice to see the boards wrapped in a light-weight paper"


20:08- Warranty & Support

"It's really good that they are looking to back and give you a lot of support after you buy your paddle board"

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