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The (real) Differences Between a $300 & $1,500 SUP

The difference in performance, durability, and ultimately paddleboarding fun is most varied in the inflatable board segment. The difference in price from low-end department store boards to the more reputable brands is large. And so too is the difference in quality.

11 Sep 2020
Which Stand Up Paddle Boards is Right For You?
Surf? all-rounder? Flat water or race? Inflatable or composite? With so many variables, choosing the right paddle board can be daunting. So we have made a really easy to follow guide that will help you choose the perfect board for you. 
03 Jul 2020
Why choose an inflatable SUP over a composite board?

No discussion of why you would chose an inflatable paddle boards is complete without first addressing the big question... Hard board OR inflatable? 

If performance is your most important consideration, then a hardboard is for you... Or at least that is what you'll often be told. But while this is correct in most instances, it isn't absolutely right. Even when you put aside all the distinct storage and transport advantages, inflatable SUP's perform better in some cases... 

04 Jun 2020


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