2+2 Warranty


All Honu paddleboards come with a 30-day risk free return policy,  a manufacturer's 2 year warranty and 4 years of free repair*

30-Day Risk Free Returns

If your Honu gear turns up and you don't love it, all you need to do is re-pack it into the original packaging and organise pickup by emailing hello@honu.com.au. As long as the item is in a new or unused condition, we will refund you in full upon receipt.  This guarantee includes Honu paddle boards, clothing and paddle board accessories. 

2 Years Manufacturer's Warranty

We will repair or replace your board if there are any manufacturing issues. (e.g. loose seam, faulty valve, traction pad delamination). We will also repair damage to your board for normal use.  Simply contact us with photos of the damaged board, original sales receipt, details of the incident to start a warranty or repair process.

4 Years of Free Repair*

If you register your board upon purchase, we will extend our offer for free repairs* up to 48 months after your purchase.  

This guarantee is one of the longest in the industry.  We provide this guarantee because we understand our boards are an investment and we want you to own products that are long-lasting and durable as part of our mission to reduce environmental impact. The longer your gear can last, the less waste we produce for our environment.  It really is a win-win.

To learn more about our 2 + 2 warranty program or register your board for the 4 year repair guarantee, please visit the 2+2 warranty page

*some exclusions apply.