Product design is the never-ending pursuit of perfection. To make the best possible products, then test, modify, and repeat.  We strive to deliver engineered performance and create beautifully designed products while always seeking to minimise our impact. 


Evo Construction

Six months in development; the Evolution Hardboard series is our most advanced construction method. A 1/4" end-to-end stringer reinforced with PVS rail stringers provides a snappy rider response. The core is further reinforced with high-density PVC inserts around the fin boxes and leash plugs. The layup schedule consists of not 2 but 3 layers of glass combined with a 0.2mm bamboo veneer that is vacuum pressed onto the first layer of glass. Our most advanced, strong and responsive boards.


Fusion dual chamber

The Fusion Dual Chamber combines outstanding safety with performance. The inner chamber creates two I-beam like stringers greatly increasing the board's performance. So much so, the HONU Dual Chamber iSUPs are almost as rigid as hardboards and can be used in the same way. Should you have an issue with the main chamber, you have the reassurance that a second chamber of air will get you back to shore safely.


Fusion double layer

The Fusion Double Layer drop-stitch uses mechanical force to fuse the inner and outer layers of PVC together without the use of glue. This creates a stronger, lighter bond that results in a stiffer overall board without the use of toxic compounds. This construction also allows HONU iSUPs to be inflated to higher pressures further improving the performance and feel.

Diamond Traction

The legacy range of HONU boards feature diamond traction pads pre-installed.

100% Recycled

Our T-shirts are made from 60% recycled cotton and 40% recycled plastic bottles.

FCS™ Fin system

Our FCS™ Fin system means you can easily click in your favourite size and style of fin.

Developing the Evo range
The Evo range of boards include the Bondi and the Sorrento that will be available mid 2020. These boards represent a quantum leap in materials, construction and performance.

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CNC Cut- Hand Finished

Every HONU board is shaped first by an advanced CNC machine board shaper. But that is just the first stage. Once the rough shape is created, our experience and steady hand is needed to ensure each board is shaped to perfection and ready for reinforcements.

High Density PVC Reinforcement

This step is where the foundation for a high quality, long-lasting board is created. This process alone takes 2 days, but we believe it is worth the patient wait. The high-density PVC reinforcements are bonded into the EPS core in all the high stress areas - fin boxes, handle and leash plugs. We also cut in two PVC rail stringers to improve overall performance.

Quad Layer Vacuum

The Evo Construction is the secret to HONU's engineered performance. It consists of 4 separate sandwiched layers. The painstaking process combines vacuum bag technology and our proprietary tinting process to create a strong and durable board. The Futures™ fin boxes are glassed into the board with paint and graphics sitting under the topcoat to ensure the layup is as strong as nails. The process is slow and precise, but the result is stunning.

Proprietary Tinting

There's a good reason you won't find another bamboo SUP on the market with a semi-transparent tinted's a slow and painstaking process. And that is why we stuck with it until we had it perfected. The process and stunning result is unique to HONU and the beautifully designed Evo range of boards set to land in mid-2020.

Graphics & Clear Coats

At this point, there is more sanding, polishing and clear coating than you can imagine. The graphics and paint are included on the very outer layer of glass under a clear-coat. This ensures the layered bond is as strong as possible while giving the boards its brilliant finish.

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Product Development

Every product that bears the new HONU logo has been engineered entirely in-house by an industrial and design engineer. Every last detail from shape and dimensions to materials and layup schedule has been carefully considered. While we've definitely had a few blunders along the way, that is how you end up with a great end result. Painstaking design, prototyping, and testing...repeat.

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Product Story

Each board has its own story. The legacy range of HONU boards goes back to the very roots of the brand, first conceived in Bondi Beach. The newly developed range of boards are named after locations where we believe each would be most at home. The Bondi & Sorrento are taking a giant leap forward in shape, materials, and construction.