Product design is the never-ending pursuit of perfection. To make the best possible products, then test, modify, and repeat.  We strive to deliver engineered performance and create beautifully designed products while always seeking to minimise our impact. 


Woven Drop Stitch

Woven drop stitch is the next evolution of inflatable paddle boards. The woven element we are referring to is the polyester threads that run through the vinyl material. These threads are woven together in a criss-cross pattern, similar to carbon fiber. This reinforcing technology produces a substrate with higher resistance to stretch and bend. With this increase in strength comes a reduction in plastic that results in the material being >20% lighter. You end up with a paddleboard that is stronger, lighter, and ultimately higher performing.


Multi Layer Fusion

Fusing the outer layer of vinyl to the inner space cloth layer happens during the material manufacturing process and creates an inseparable bond between the layers. A combination of heat and pressure is used with a bonding agent to create a double thickness vinyl material that is stronger, lighter, and stiffer than standard double-layer construction. This technology, combined with X-woven material, is the most advanced iSUP construction available right now.


Stacked Stringers

Both the Performance and Carbon-X constructions found on the Bondi & Sorrento adopt the stacked-stringer design feature. The stringers that run nose to tail further improved the board's rigidity, pushing the performance into composite board territory. For the Bondi, this translates to responsive turns and rigid feel when pushing through waves. For the Sorrento, it produces straight-line speed and stability

High Density PVC Core

Each paddle starts with a high density PVC foam core that is CNC machined ready for lamination.

Pre-Preg Carbon

Results in 35% less resin, which reduces carbon brittleness. Stronger and more repeatable than hand lamination.

Anti-twist Clamp

A perfectly matched grove in the handle shaft ensures the handle and blade remain squarely aligned in any conditions.

The Honu Evolution Series
The further into the design process we went, the more we realised that a complete top to bottom change was needed. We started to look at every product through our lens of Engineered Performance, Timeless Style, and being Environmentally Friendly, and we knew we had to go deeper. New materials, new manufacturing partners, and even new distribution was needed.

Welcome to the Evolution of Honu
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Product Story

Each board has its own story. The entire range of HONU boards goes back to the very roots of the brand, first conceived in Bondi Beach. The newly developed range of boards are named after locations where we believe each would be most at home. The Bondi & Sorrento are taking a giant leap forward in shape, materials, and construction.