SUP Technology


Product design is the never-ending pursuit of perfection. We strive to deliver engineered performance and create beautifully designed products while always seeking to minimise our impact. 

X-Woven & Fused Drop Stitch

Woven drop stitch is the next evolution of inflatable paddle board materials. The woven element is made of polyester threads that run through the vinyl in a criss-cross pattern, similar to carbon fiber. This technology produces a substrate with higher resistance to stretch and bend, while also reducing the amount of plastic in the material. Fusing the outer layer of vinyl to the inner space cloth layer happens during the material manufacturing process and creates an inseparable bond between the layers. This technology, combined with X-woven material, is the most advanced iSUP construction available that results in a paddleboard that is stronger, lighter, and ultimately the best possible performance.

Welded 3K Carbon Rails

This complex construction uses heat+pressure welding that mechanically fuses the inner rail with a 25mm wide strip. This process is complex and tedious but forms a highly durable join that extends the life of the board. Then a 50mm 3K carbon rail is bonded into the rail for added stiffness and protection before the outer rail is finally applied. This construction is only available on the 2022 Sorrento and is exclusive to Honu!

3K Carbon Stringers

The Carbon II construction includes 50mm 3K carbon strips on the top and bottom of the board. The carbon is coated with TPU, allowing us to bond the carbon under a 150mm vinyl panel. This stacked construction has improved the board's stiffness while simplifying the styling of the board, something our paddlers have come to appreciate and is available on the 2022 Sorrento.

Honu 185 Fin box

The name 185 is a reference to the track length that is long enough to fit most standard 9" fins. But what is special about the Honu box is it's overall footprint of just 275mm. This is 50mm shorter than the leading brand used on high-end boards. The result is a fin-box that is just as compact as your run-of-the-mill proprietary fin system but compatible with industry-standard fins that can be found in any local surf shop anywhere. Used on our Bondi, Byron and Fairlight boards and comes with an FCS II toolless fin. Easy to install, dead-easy to replace... and absolutely unique to Honu.

Triple Bonded Rails

Found on the Bondi, Byron and Fairlight, this rail construction adds stiffness and durability to the boards. Quite simply, where standard boards have two rail layers, Honu has three. The reason for doing this is twofold. The thicker rail increases the board's rigidity and performance while also making it less prone to damage.

Honu Evolution Series
The further into the design process we went, the more we realised that a complete top to bottom change was needed. As we started to look at every product through our lens of Engineered Performance, Timeless Style, and Eco Friendly, we knew we had to go deeper. New materials, new manufacturing partners, and even new distribution was needed.

Welcome to the Evolution of Honu